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WELCOME to your opportunity for Harmony in your business and your life! I am Michelle Emerson, CPA, founder of Harmony Business Solutions. With a passion for excellence, a heart for people, a virtuous vision, and 20 years of diverse accounting experience, Harmony Business Solutions brings an ingenuitive edge to the accounting industry - a misunderstood art.

We specialize in the support of government contractors and small/mid-size businesses. We have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to get your business off to the right start and maintain your DCAA compliance on all levels.  DCAA compliance is bigger than just having an accounting system that works correctly; it's about the total operating process, procedures, and efficiencies within your organization.
We believe that financial management is the backbone of a successful organization and the key to its Harmony. Accounting is more than just numbers, reports, analysis and meaningless jargon with boring commentary. A company's financial picture is its blueprint for success. Through accounting, when organized and communicated correctly, managers and owners can gain insight into the keys to business growth, greater efficiency, and inevitably... realizing their vision! Located in Stafford, VA, we service the DC, MD, VA area.  We have the capability to service all companies within the United States remotely. 

In working with government contractors and commerical business, small to large businesses, in both the start-up and the corporate structure, we have uncovered the unique needs of each business type in its various phases. Running a business should be about unleashing your passion for what you offer in a manner that impacts the world. With HARMONY, IT CAN BE DONE and with peace of mind!

Harmony in business means that all aspects of your organization and your life are in agreement, in unison, and on one accord, working together toward a common goal – total health.

540-288-7931 Servicing VA, DC, MD -
Remote services available for other areas.

Small business bookkeeping, taxes, DCAA compliant accounting, Standard Operating Procedures, Unallowable vs. Allowable Costs, Templates, Training, and more...

The path to harmony provides an enlightening journey in itself. It is as much a state of mind, as it is a state of being. It requires commitment and a willingness to be challenged to excel your operations to new heights in efficiency, direction, and healthiness.

The basic principles can be applied to any industry, any business size, and any business model. The accounting principles, procedures, internal controls, and templates are customized to fit your specific industry and business needs.

We recognize that not every business has the same needs and that those needs evolve with the business growth. Our goal is to establish a relationship with your company, where we grow with you, adapting our service to your needs, while leading your business to sustained financial health along the way.


1. Assess Your Business Needs
2. Prepare Services Proposal
3. Begin immediately with setup or review of financials
4. Establish & Implement Accounting Process
5. Implement the Steps to Harmony (a continual process involving analysis, discussion, and knowledge sharing)

We have the ability to work remotely. Location does NOT matter, as long as you have internet access, you have access to Harmony in your business.

Services are invoiced on a monthly retainer basis (best value) or a project by project basis for those specialized requirements. Pricing is based on the service required and business volume. We are prepared to start small (crawl, walk, run) and add on as you grow or start out running!