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(DCAA compliant)

Purchase pre-written SOPs in WORD format (version 2003 or higher) and customize with your company information. Color coded instructions guide you through what to change.

These procedures were written by a CPA with extensive government contracting expertise and APPROVED by a DCAA auditor!

Why pay a consultant $75+ per hour for 8+ hours of work, when you can have them NOW for LESS?

SOPs are a written booklet of procedures that outline
how your accounting system functions. It serves several
1) A how-to reference on your company's processes,
from timesheet entry to monthly closing to reporting
objectives and timelines.
2)Information regarding your account setup, accounting policies and overall explanations.

Get your SOPs via email NOW!
You can't afford to waste time...

(Fringe, Overhead, G&A) $99

Unlimited accurate calculations of your indirect rates!
Compatible with EXCEL 2003 and above.
Simply input the amounts from your Income Statement
and let the spreadsheet work its magic!